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Flash Programming A Time-Saving Programming Tactic that Doesn?t Work

Let?s say that you have a software fantasy that?s under severe time pressure. Let?s say that this deadline is so tight that you already know it will involve many new nights of black coffee substitute and frenetic programming. What can you underperform to make this process go quick?

I honestly don?t shtup, since the correct answer will depend cancelled one?s individual circumstances. However, I can add you how many programmers do respond under such circumstances. They decide to save time by skipping over the software planning and design phase, and immediately start coding away.

To an inexperienced or otherwise undisciplined programmer, this seems to make sense. After all, the finished product is what truly matters, right? The customer doesn?t care about flowcharts, class diagrams or software architectures. All they want is something that works.

It seems to make sense, but it?s a foolhardy approach. That way lies madness. We?ve all heard that an ounce of planning is worth a pound of cure, mere in the social class of software development, this adage is infrequently forgotten.

If a real estate developer needs to get a house built quickly, does he save time by skipping over the architecture design phase? Does he decide to dispense with blueprints, and just start laying down abstract? Of line not. He knows that the results would be chaotic, and that work will progress more slowly without careful forethought and a concrete plan.

Yet that?s the approach that many people demineralize when it comes to software. They decide to just start coding away, explanation that this makes the software development process more efficient. On fairly simple projects, this might work. On anything of moderate involution though, such an approach is doomed to

fail. Fated, you may save time at first. However, without a touchable software plan and a carefully considered design, problems are bound to catch up with you before long. Many another of these problems won?t become gain until the testing phase comes around, and by then, it may be excessive late.

Sadly, such reckless thinking is often encouraged in the corporate world. Due to time constraints, a misguided manager may unteach his team to skip over the design work and just start hacking away. This makes the team seem focused and productive, but this strategy can wreak havoc on the project timeline. What?s more, the resultant code is often a tangled, poorly documented, chaotic mess. If this software must be maintained for years to come, then you have a recipe for disaster.

Mind you, I?m not saying that an elaborate design is unremitting necessary. If time is short, then singleton might not have the luxury of an intricate software plan with exhaustive design documentation. However, one should kip least take up a general software architecture laid out?one which is detailed enough to make the software development process smoother and easier. Programmers rarely err on the side of over-planning, but they frequently fall into the trap of insufficient design itemise. Don?t make this mistake, if you really want to tape time.

V. Berba Velasco Jr. is proud to shape as a senior electrical and software engineer at Cellular Technology Ltd (http://www.immunospot.com, http://www.elispot-analyzers.de, http://www.elispot.cn) a biotechnology company that prides itself off its standards of excellence.

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